CAUTION: War is a horrible thing. This is purely made as a learning experience. If you are uncomfortable with this topic, you should not take part in this story.

World War Three has started...
ISIS has been found. There is a base in Russia found by radar. You are part of the corps training for battle. But there is something different about this war-
Instead of learning how to shoot, you're learning how to program drones to do it for you. Instead of learning to kill...
You're learning how to build bombs that do it for you.


you may only have TWO soldiers

this applies to all except ChrispotterMinecraft 

Username Soldier name Soldier age Soldier gender
Dragonheartbeat Christiana 13 Girl
Chrispotterminecraft Liliana 14 Girl
Squisheesong Gennie 15 Girl
LegendPlayz Flash (Hunter) 13 Boy
UltimateVotex Art  18 Boy
Chrispotterminecraft Comelia 20 Girl
Chrispotterminecraft Alexis 13 Girl
Chrispotterminecraft Einstien 15 Girl
OnionWizard Bobby 13 Boy
Unknown User Mike 13 Boy
Mooncrescent Viara 18 Boy
Moncrescent Carmen 18 Girl


General Stonewitz 46


Cheeseman200 Allen 15 Boy

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