Welcome, future dead!Edit


Hello, strange, hostile person who I have never met... 

       I am Christiana Deathstall. I spend my days plotting ISIS death. They say the sight of me makes a grown man drop dead. I am Seventeen. I spend most of my freetime working on my bomb and making strategic plans about killing people without actually killing them. 

      My bomb realeses a gas that put people who inhale it in a coma.

      My rank is 1LT.

I love fixing things.Edit
My dream is to be the person that wins us the war.Edit
I work 16 hours a day.Edit
The main thing I do is work out.Edit
I do fencing, target practice, and teach a machine-building class.Edit
I am the sarcasm queen.Edit

Hope I don't decide to kill you. If I do, you're good as dead.

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